Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kudos for Starbucks!

We at College Lifestyles (TM) are giving Starbucks huge kudos!

Not only are they known for letting us order our coffee with skim milk and soy milk; they have added an great item to their breakfast menu 'Perfect Oatmeal.' Have it with your choice of brown sugar, dried fruit or nuts.

Yummy and delicious!

1 Dress - 4 Different Looks! (Banana Republic!)

This great sweater dress from Banana Republic for $69.99 can transform from class to business attire with a few simple changes:

1) Casual - Wear to and from class with a pair of ballet flats (we like a metallic or animal print flats) with gold hoops/large gold bangle.
2) Business Attire - Wear as in the picture. Black tights and black heels. Silver jewelry.
3) Jet set - Throw on a white fitted blazer, scarf tied at neck, black tights, black flat boots. Gold hoops and large 'Jackie-O' sunglasses will complete the look.
4) Natural (on a slightly warmer day) - Sea green beaded long necklace or sea green/silver V-necklace, sandals. (On a cooler day, flesh color tights with flesh tone pump.)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Statement Necklace from Shop Suey Boutique - Goes Great with our Cardigan and White Button-Up!

The Lacie Necklace from Shop Suey Boutique (we love this designer inspired boutique!) is a great statement necklace for fall. At only $18.00, it is shipped quickly by Fed Ex (we know for a fact, we have ordered a few things from Shop Suey!). Goes great with our cardigan (as seen below!) any button up shirt, and v-neck style wrap dresses for fall. (In summer, wear with a V-Neck shirt!)

Fall Tights from Banana Republic (Goes Great with our Pleated Mini-Skirt!)

These cable knit tights from Banana Republic are a Fall Wardrobe ($16.50) staple! Goes great with our pleated mini-skirt, as well as pencil skirts! Available in gray and black!

Table Setting - Which one of these is Mine?

Forget about 'Which one of these forks is mine?' when sitting down at the table. Remember this quick tip!

Spell out the word FORKS. Sit in your chair. Look at your place setting from left to right. Fork (F), plate (O – it’s shaped like an O), knife (K), and spoon (S). (FYI - Drop the R).

Friday, September 26, 2008

Great Statement Necklace from New York and Company (goes with our cardigan and mini-skirt!)

This necklace from New York and Company ($16.50) fits perfectly into the Fall Trend of a Statement Necklace!

It goes perfect with our cardigan and pleated mini-skirt from below!

In addition, wear with:
(1) Button up shirt.
(2) Over layered tees/shirts.
(3) Wrap dress with a V-Neck!

A Great Gift for Big/Lil Sis - 'Fluff' ID Case

This ID Case is available from Francesca's Collections and is available in fluff heels and cupcakes! It opens to hold ID/credit cards with a mirror on the other side! Can be ordered online; or in any of it's shops!!!

Cardigan - A Fall Wardrobe Staple (And the Best Way to Wear!)

This cardigan from New York and Company for $27.50 is a great fit for our pleated mini-skirt below! Cardigans are great with business attire for chapter meetings and casual!

Here is how to find the correct fit without looking like grandma:
(1) Make sure the shoulder seam does not go past your shoulders, if it does, it is too big in size.
(2) Wear with a thinner layer shirt or button up shirt. A thick sweater will look out of proportion.
(3) Button a cardigan for a sleeker finish.
(4) For a funky look, top with chunky jewelry!

This cardigan is available in 7 colors!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to Wear a Pleated Mini-Skirt in the Fall?

A pleated-mini skirt can be flattering and great for fall; but it can also spell trouble if not worn properly!

Mini-Skirts can be flattering, especially this pleated style from Forever 21 (it's not the awful tight 80s a la Kelly Bundy mini!). Not clingy, this style flatters all!

Here's how to bring this skirt into Fall:

(1) Opaque tights! Tights make this skirt appropriate instead of risky for the Fall. Black is great, but for a funky look try a darker color (burgundy) with round shape 2 inch pumps (not skinny heels!).
(2) Since the skirt is flared, pair it with a fitted top to balance out the look.

Different looks:
(1) White button up shirt, tucked in, black opaque tights, black heels, small gold hoops, gold bangles.
(2) The above look with a black cardigan.
(3) For a funky look - layer long and short black and gray bead style necklaces and bracelets.
(4) Look #1 with a deep green blazer.
(5) A gray blazer for a business look.
(5) Royal blue dress shirt tucked in, diamond patterned tights, black round pumps, silver jewelry.

Body Image - Article Written by St Joseph's University Student

This brilliant article(Click) written by Lee Tilghman, freshman at St Joseph's University, discusses how our obsession with media figures and image can lead to unhealthy lifestyles.

The article reviews how media can pressure not only stars, but all to look a certain way, drive a certain car, etc.

We appreciate the words of the article, especially:
'Instead of changing out outward appearances, we should reach from within us and take a stand against media's poisonous message.' ~ Lee Tilghman

We completely agree!

As a supporter of the National Eating Disorders Association and promoters of body image, College Lifestyles (TM) encourages all to follow Lee's quote! We wish to add 'Don't change for someone else, shine as you are!'

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's New and Good For you at Starbucks???!!!

We love coffee here at College Lifestyles (TM)! It taste yummy and gives us the warm fuzzies (especially during the cooler months)!

The fall flavor that we love - Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte! Delicious and nutritious!

Steve Madden Boots for the Fall!

Fall = boots!

These Steve Madden boots are made for walking! From class to going out, these boots will look great with jeans and skirts!!! Wear over jeans for that equestrian look as well as wearing with opaque tights and skirts for a fun look! Want to go more funky - wear with colored opaque tights!!!!

Available from Steve Madden for $149.95.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Statement Bracelet for Fall from Rachel Leigh Jewelry!

These Audrey Snakeskin cuffs are great additions for the Fall (as seen in People Style Watch and Self Magazine).

These cuffs, from Rachel Leigh, are gold plated bow hinge with real snakeskin detail - navy, purple, teal, white and hot pink.

Visit the website to order!

A Great Philanthropy Project - Breast Cancer Awareness

With next month being breast cancer awareness month, College Lifestyles (TM) is encouraging sororities to sponsor a Breast Cancer Awareness Program for a philanthropy project. (Last weekend, our director Shelly Marie, took part in assisting in warm-up for her local Race for the Cure!)

We found this great Cancer Vixen kit from C.O. Bigelow that makes a great gift (or raffle prize!) for anyone! Available for $29.50 from Bath and Body Works!

The Best Snack to Carry in your Handbag or Backpack!


This non-messy, portable snack is great to carry in your bag for a snack before or after class! Tasty and nutritious! Available at most grocers!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tie-Front Blouse - 4 different looks!

This silk emerald tie-front blouse is a great addition to your fall wardrobe. It will look great with:

1. Black or gray trousers or a pencil skirt for business attire (with a blazer on chilly days). Add a belt and silver jewelry/pearls for a sophisticated look.
2. Dark jeans, gold jewelry, and cocktail ring for a night out.
3. Pleated black skirt, fishnet opaque tights and T-straps, and bangles for a funky look out!

Available from New York and Company for $20.97.

Dining Etiquette - Where Does my Napkin Go When I am Done Eating?

2 Ways:

1. Place the napkin to the left of your plate if the setting is still on the table.
2. Place the napkin in the center of the setting (without folding it) if the setting is cleared.

Great Fall Pointy Toe Pumps from Nine West!

Ring in the fall with these Nuncio pointy toe pumps from Nine West (on sale for $29.99)! Shown in a great Fall rich color of royal blue (goes with our LBD below!). Also available in basic black and brown suede!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Great Little Black Dress from Forever 21

Another great LBD (little black dress)!! This one from Forever 21 for $22.80 is great for any party or going out!!!

Play with these looks:
1. Natural - Silver jewelry (drop earrings) and pumps.
2. Urban - royal blue (great fall rich color!) pumps and animal print clutch (gray/black color).
3. Classic - pearls, studs, and little black handbag (hair pulled pack).
4. Rocker glam - fishnets, T-Strap heels (metallic style color).

Business Attire - Words from Carolina Herrera

'Dress smart and feminine. There are certain things that don't look right in an office - miniskirs, decolletage, and nakedness.'

~Carolina Herrera

Fast Dash to Class Dining - Taco Bell!

What's the healthiest and still taste yummy at Taco Bell??

Ordering anything off the Fresco Menu is the way to go! Healthier and great tasing! We are there!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Frozen Pizza that's gives us Radiant Skin and a Brain Booster??? YES!

Kashi Mediterranean Pizza is, well, delicious!

A brain booster??? Yes! Gives us Radiant Skin? Yes! Kashi uses olive oil - rich in omega-3s; the good fat that acts as a brain booster and gives us smooth skin!!!! The lycopene in the tomatoes is also related to improving skin health!!!

A Great Gift for Big/Lil Sis - Anchor Wallet and Coin Purse!

This lovely Anchor wallet is available from the trendy online boutique FredaLa.com for $36.00! Not shown is the lovely matching coin purse! Also available in hearts, peace sign, and skull/crossbones!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Body Image - Play up your Strenghts!

In an earlier post, we talked about 'What I like about Me.' Continue that post by playing up your strenghts. If your not sure what your talent or strengths are, listen to the compliments that people give you. What do people say when they say 'Your really good at (fill in the blank), 'You really look good in (color),' etc.

Get comfortable with recognizing your strenghts and you'll start putting your best foot forward!

Purples + Grays = A Great Fall Wardrobe Color Combination!

Don't get stuck in a rut this fall with black pants, black sweaters, black jackets. While we love these for our stables; start to combine colors to create great outfits (we love the Fall trend of rich-colors).

Our favorite color combination - gray + purple. This combination looks great in the professional setting, business attire setting, and casual setting.

Our tip: Start by adding grays with your staples - trousers, dresses, pencil skirts. Add purples in your accessories and shirts.

This entire look is from Banana Republic and is one of our favorite looks for the season!

1 Fall Dress - 3 Different Ways to Wear!

We love a textured dress for the Fall - cooler temperatures call for a heavier fabric!

This strapless dress from Forever 21 for $24.80 is quite wearable friendly!
Ways to wear:
1) Going out (Simple) - Wear as is with patterned black tights and black peep-toes.
2) Going out (Trendy) - Wear with deep purple heels and clutch.
3) Professional - Top with a black or deep purple fitted cardigan with a black skinny belt, black pumps.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fleur de Lis Necklace - Great for Fall!

With the fall trend of a 'statement necklace,' make a statement with this lovely Fleur de lis necklace from Francesca's Collections! For $24.00, it will be worn more than once.

Keep simple and wear with a button up shirt for business attire!
Layer with other necklaces for a 'statement' look when going out!

Is your sorority mascot a turtle, frog, or owl??? A great gift for your big/lil!

While we were browsing the soaps on the Gianna Rose Website, we discovered the sorority mascot of our director - the turtle! In addition to the turtle, we found frog and owl soaps! Too lovely to use, but we know a gift that she is getting this year!

Another 'Fall' Cereal to have in your Dorm/Apartment

Fall always brings the great scent of cinnamon (think of the cinnamon spice smell!). Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal is not only a great breakfast, but great to snack on while your studying! High in fiber, it will keep you fuller longer than skipping breakfast and munching on vending selections.

Available at all grocers, including Wal-Mart and Target!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Prepare for Fall with Tights!

Finding the right tights can be a challenge, you don't want to look like your kid sister, but you want to stay warm! These diamond-patterned tights from Banana Republic will go perfect with your Fall skirts and dresses! Add these to your collection of opaque tights! These look great with T-Strap heels! And for $16.50, you will wear these more than once!

Another Great Gift for Big Sis/Lil Sis!!

This lovely 'ladylike' mannequin soap is available from Gianna Rose Atelier for $10.00. It's almost too lovely to use! The website offers a retailer locater link for where this gift can be purchased OR purchase via online!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Must Decor Piece for your Dorm/Apartment (Makes a great big sis/lil sis gift as well!)

The French Memo Horizontal Board is a must for your dorm and/or apartment! Hold's photo of all your memories, as well as pins/postcards/cards from your friends, loved ones, and sorority sisters! Available from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $14.99!

Fast Dash to Class Dining - Pizza Hut

Here's the best of the best (most nutritious and tasty) at Pizza Hut!

• Fit n Delicious ™ (vegetables or diced chicken + peppers)
• Ham + Mushroom (thin crust)
• Pepporoni + Mushroom (thin crust)
• Veggie Lovers (thin crust)
• Cinnamon Sticks

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Great Gift for Big/Lil Sis!!!

Available at Francesca's Collections, as well as other boutiques, these adorable Fuzzy Bake Bath Cupcakes make a great addition to the big/lil sis basket!

Smells good enough to eat - drop these in warm bath water for a fragrant smell!

A Great Fall Leaf Necklace from Fossil!

This Triple Leaf Drop Necklace from Fossil for $38.00 is a choice for fall! Looks best with a V-Neck shirt OR a button-up shirt that has the top 2 buttons undone.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Great Lace Top - 5 different ways to wear!

We found the perfect lace top to wear out or for business attire!

Here's how to wear this Fall trend for business attire:

(1) Alone (with a cami) and grey/black trousers.
(2) Alone (with a cami) and grey/black pencil skirt. Add a kick to this look by adding plum heels (or kitten heels)
(3) When spring comes around, pair with a white A-Line skirt and black open toe-heels.

For going out:

(1) Wear with dark jeans, colored heels (try berry) and silver and/or deep grey jewelry.
(2) Wear with dark jeans, velvet blazer (try burgundy or emerald), metallic heels, jewelry to match.

One more for a funky look that our director would wear:

(1) Pair with a black skirt tucked in, wide black belt, tights (small fishnet), and T-strap heels!

Available from Forever 21 for $15.80.

Etiquette Savvy - Which way do I Pass Food at the Table?

To the right, or counter-clockwise!

A White Dress for Sorority Recruitment!

We at College Lifestyles (TM) know that some of you have finished with fall recruitment, and some of you are just starting!

Add this lovely white dress from Jessica McClintock to the collection of 'whites for bid day!' The A-Line cut of the dress is flattering to all, and the ribbon bow creates a waistline! Just lovely. $78.00.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green is the New Black! Our pick - Burt's Bees!

At College Lifestyles (TM), we are embracing the importance of going green. We love yummy lip glosses, and were thrilled to find a great tasting 'green' lip gloss! Not only sold in Whole Foods Market, Burt's Bees products are now carried in Target! Have glossy, yummy lips! This earth-friendly lip gloss is made exclusively of natural products such as grape seed oil, coconut oil, and yes, beeswax. And at the price of $2.64 - 5.99 great to throw in your big or lil sis basket!

Dinnerware for your Apartment (and Dorm!)!

This collection from Bed, Bath, and Beyond is dishwasher AND microwave safe! With a chic design, this dinnerware collection has a great modern and ceramic look! And at the price of $1.19 per piece, get rid of those paper plates!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flats for Fall From Nine West!

While we love stilettos (hey, our director walks in them constantly); we do appreciate flats (especially walking to and from class). These flats from Nine West for $29.99 are great for fall and are available in rich fall colors! Just make sure that your trousers and/or jeans are not longer than the your feet!

Great Cereal to have in the Dorm/Apartment

Tasty and nutritious; Kashi Go Lean is the perfect cereal to have breakfast (and even a late night supper, especially for those who have a night class), as well as late night study session. This cereal is great plain, with milk, or yogurt!

(Why is it so great???? It has added fiber and protein which will keep you fuller longer!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Stilettos for Fall from Guess!

These stilettos from Guess fit the Fall Fashion Trends of pointy heels! We chose pink and a lime green, because, well, we just love a different color shoe! Both will go wonderful with grey, black, or a brown trouser or pencil skirt! Also will look great with a pretty top and dark denim for a night out!

In addition to pink and lime green, also available are the traditional solid black pump, as well as multicolor designs! At the great price of $52.49!

Body Image - What I Like about Me!

So many times, we take 'test' that reveal the negative qualities that we should attempt to change. (We hate those test, especially the really, really long ones!) Instead, can the test and make a list of 'What I Like about Me!' Right now, take a sheet of paper and write down at least 5 qualities you like about yourself!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fast Dash to Class Dining (TM) - Papa John's

Ordering pizza! Here is the best of the best (nutritious and tasty) from Papa John's!

Papa John’s ®:
• Spinach Alfredo Pizza (Original or thin crust)
• Garden Fresh Pizza (Original or thin crust)
• Spinach Alfredo Tomato Chicken (Original or thin crust)

1 Great Dress - 3 Different Ways to Wear!

This black dress is great for school presentations, business attire, and for going out! It hits our C rule - classy, comfortable, and chic!

3 ways to wear this look:
(1) Wear as shown in the pic to a chapter meeting or class presentation.
(2) Add a fitted white or gray cardigan with a black skinny belt (if cardigan is long), tights, black pumps for 'winter' business attire.
(3) Bomber or leather style jacket with a clutch for going out!

Available from Gap for $39.99.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

College Lifestyles (TM) Visit to Savannah and AASU!

College Lifestyles (TM) had a wonderful visit with the sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah!

What a great time we had - we made our own personal 'badges', sunshine 'turtle' envelopes, discussed promoting positive body image in our chapter, learned our our personal theme songs and personal style, the top 7 essentials to have in our wardrobe, and my favorite, our best colors!

We taught them the meaning of a fun vacuum, as well as the falsehood of the dumb quote 'Wear lipstick everyday!' We had a health nut and a mini-me; and most important, we had loads of fun!

Here are our top famous quotes from the trip:

'Fun vacuums.'

'Serial dating days.'

'Oh my goodness, you remind me of my college roommate. I have to call her now.' ~Shelly to Mere

'I guess I will be the old cat lady.' ~Shelly after learning no one liked cats

'Pancakes. No one has ever made me pancakes!' ~Shelly to Nicki

'Whoa, he works out way too much.' ~Shelly to Brandi and Emily when the beefcake guy walked past us in the airport

And our favorite:

'Your not short, your fun-sized!' ~Mere

And to all the ladies, 'From the welcome to the closing; you all have made the trip to Savannah one I will never forget. Thank you so much for welcoming me with open arms. You will always be in my heart. I miss you all very much!'

The Classic White Shirt (Variation to Define a Waist!)

This variation on the white button shirt defines a waist, so it looks great on more of a straight/boyish shape!

From Fovever 21 for $19.80!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Body Image Quote While on the Road at AASU!

While our director was at Armstrong Atlantic State University this summer discussing body image, she heard this quote from a wonderful sister of Alpha Sigma Tau: 'Your not short, your fun-sized.'

Thank you Mere for making her day!

Business Attire - The Classic White Shirt

Ah, the white shirt! A classic! The Classic White Button Up Shirt can go from both the casual days of class to the likes of your chapter meetings, business meetings, internships, and class presentations. A great addition to your wardrobe that can be worn casually with jeans (as seen in this pic) and short; as well as with business attire with skirts, trousers, and under sweaters!

Get your perfect fit with these tips:
(1) Seam should hit the shoulder (not fall below).
(2) Make sure no gapes are at the button/bust area.
(3) Sleeves should reach the point where the thumb curves away from your wrist.
(4) Collar should hit mid-neck.
(5) Darting or vertical seams under the bust are flattering to all and provide a wonderful fit.
(6) Curvy? Look for a wrap version.

This classic white shirt seen here is from Banana Republic for $69.00.

'A classic white shirt makes such a powerful statement with looking messy. When on business, I wear mine tucked into a black pencil skirt, black wide belt, and either black t-strap heels with black opaque fish nets OR red heels. Casually, I wear with jeans and red heels. Simple, yet a powerful, classic statement.' ~Shelly Marie, Director of College Lifestyles (TM)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A 1 Minute Breakfast in the Dorm or Apartment!

2 Eggo Whole Wheat Waffles with 1 spoon of peanut butter! (Make sure your dorm allows a toaster - but we have tried waffles in the microwave and have no complaints!)

In less than 5 minutes, you will have a quick, nutritious breakfast (fiber + protein!)! Here's how - before blow drying your hair or applying makeup, place 2 waffles in the toaster. Blow dry hair/apply makeup. Spread one spoon of peanut butter on one waffle, and eat like a sandwich while walking to class! No mess, no dishes - sounds great to us (we hate dishes!)

Eggo Whole Wheat Waffles can be found in the refrigerator section of any grocery store, Wal-Mart, Target, Albertson's, and Kroger.

Perfect Earrings for an Oval Face

Triangle shaped earrings are extremely flattering on for an oval face shape!

These pictured are from Forever 21 for $3.80!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Perfect Earrings for a 'Round Face' Shape.

Longer strand earrings are wonderfully flattering for a rounder face shape.

These lovely earrings look great with our rich color dress (posted earlier).

One of my favorite looks for the fall is these earrings with a long sleeved cowl neck or boat neck fitted sweater; dark denim mini skirt (longer than finger tips); black tights; black T-Strap heels (in a great animal style material)! Great look for a night out! (look for future post on this outfit!)

These earrings are available from Forever 21 for $4.80!

Fast Dash to Class Dining - Sonic!

'Diet Cherry Limeade with Extra Limes.' The famous order you will hear from the Director of College Lifestyles (TM)!

Sonic has a wonderful selection of shakes and sodas - our favorite is diet cherry limeade - but we encourage you to get creative! Ask for limes and flavorings in your diet cokes and sprites.

Compared to regular sodas, the diet cherry limeade (a route 66) is refreshing, tasty, and nutritious (phosphorus free!)!

Fast Dash to Class Dining (TM)

At College Lifestyles (TM) we understand that we, students and professionals, eat fast food - something we call Fast Dash to Class Dining (TM) or for professionals, Dashboard Dining (TM)! (So we like to put spins on words!)

Our director admits to her fast food lifestyles - 'I am always on the run, but I am sure to make the best selections.'

Look for our future posting 'Fast Dash to Class Dining(TM)' on the good of fast food choices!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Can I eat Petit Fours with My Fingers?

Yes, if...the petit fours are plain (with no filling/cream filling)!

Be sure to pick up the entire paper cup which contains the petit fours. Either have the paper cup on your plate or in your hand as you take small bites!

Great Cocktail Dress for Fall (Following the Rich Colors Fall Trend)!

Need a quick dress for a cocktail event this fall? Or a 'dressy' event? This dress from Forever 21 is flattering and chic! Available in 3 colors, this dress defines our waist to give that hour-glass shape. The slight A-Line flare flatters all shapes! At $24.80 - a great find!

We picked the magenta color to follow the Fall trend of rich colors.

What to wear with this great find?
Basic look - silver jewelry, neutral shoes, and silver clutch.
Wow effect - purple heels, animal print clutch.