Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's in the College Lifestyles Pantry?? Bear Naked Granola!!!


We love Bear Naked products - especially the 'Heavenly Chocolate.'  

Along with adding Bear Naked products to our oatmeal and milk, we just love to munch on this throughout the day!!!  Great tasting and high in fiber!!!

Gift Etiquette for a Special Someone????!!!

So we made a boo-boo here!  Forgive us please!!!  Test your Valentine's Day (or birthday) gift giving etiquette skills for a special someone! 

Dating 1 to 3 months:  Keep it simple, dinner!!!!
Dating 3 to 6 months:  DVD set from favorite director, books on a topic of interest to them (no gossip mag, etc.)
Dating 6 months to 1 year:  Tickets to a sporting event or great concert

Did you pass???!!!  Happy late V-Day!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ordering Tea? Here are a Few Etiquette Tips!!!

When ordering tea at an event or restaurant, you will be provided with  an empty cup, saucer, tea bag, and pot of hot water.  What now???

1.  Place the tea bag in your cup.
2.  Pour water over tea bag.
3.  Allow to 'steep' for 3-5 minutes.
4.  Remove from cup and place on saucer.

What if no saucer???
Place tea bag on bread plate.

What if no bread plate??  Place on rim of dessert or dinner plate.

5.  Add lemon and sugar to tea after you have removed the tea bag.

The big Tea No-No - Squeeze tea bag against cup for the 'last flavor.'

NEDA Week Continues - An Eating Disorder Screening Programming Specifically for College Students

The Screening for Mental Health, Inc is a non-profit organization that runs the National Eating Disorders Screening Program.  

According to Katherine Cruise, the director of communications and marketing sent College Lifestyles (TM) this message,

'Over 400 colleges are participating in this year's program by offering their students the opportunity to take an anonymous online questionnaire to assess their risk for an eating disorder. The program is designed to help students identify their own symptoms and access assistance before a problem becomes serious. 

I was hoping that you might help me spread the word about this free program by letting the members of 
College Lifestyles know about this initiative. Individuals can visit to find the link to their college's program or take the general questionnaire if their college is not listed.'

Thank you Katherine for the information and link!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Myths of Eating Disorders....

In honor of NEDAwareness Week, we encourage all the learn about myths related to eating disorders (which some are very surprising and may cause some to question).  These myths are related to media, statistics, the actual definition of 'purge' and yes, one can suffer from more than one eating disorder at the same time.

Please visit the NEDA website, click on the information and resource link, click on tool kits for educators and read the myths page.  


NEDA Week - National Eating Disorders Awareness Week!!!!!

February 22-28th is the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week or NEDAwareness Week!!  What great celebrations that many of our readers are a part of and/or help organize!!!

Our of our favorite students - Lee, of the ever-famous blog - For the Love of Peanut Butter - organized (along with the women's organization at St Joseph's University) great events, including:

 - An Art Exhibit
 - A 'Speak Out Session'
 - A 'College Cook-Off' that features some of her yummy oatmeal recipes!

Also check out her blog for the beautiful poster that she designed for the events.

Abby, at American University, sent us this message:

American University is kicking off a week-long Body Image Awareness Campaign beginning on February 23 and continuing through the 27...the same week as NEDA's official National Eating Disorders Awareness Week! 

Mandi, of Christian Brothers University, sent us this message:

A Candlelight Service will be held tomorrow, weather-permitting, in the Quad at 8 P.M. Hope you all can make it! Stop by our table in the cafeteria during lunch to get a ribbon in solidarity with all those impacted by Eating Disorders.

Is your university or school sponsoring a program?  Let us know!!

Also, if no events are sponsored at your school, us this time to look at what other universities are doing and figure how you can incorporate these into your schedule next year OR anytime during the school year.

For more ideas - visit the NEDA website and click on the get involved link.  A tool kit can give you additional guidance on planning simple, yet very effective events!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Don't Understand Why My Friend or Sorority Sister Has An Eating Disorder.....

It's heartbreaking to watch someone whom we care about struggle with a disorder that is hard for us to understand.  'I just don't understand why she (or he) doesn't eat?'  is a common quote that our director hears while she is on the road.

A resource that we recommend for individuals to read while a loved one is in treatment (currently or in the past) is the book 'Life Without Ed.' by Jenni Schaefer.  Live without Ed will give you insight on experiences and feelings of individuals with an eating disorder (past or current).  

(Taken from No Numbers - Greeks Unite Against Eating Disorders).

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions on books.....

How Do I Eat This? Fingers, Fork, or Spoon?

Quesadillas (n.)

If the quesadilla is warm and greasy, use knife and fork.

If the quesadilla is at room temperature, you can use your fingers.

Monday, February 16, 2009

College Lifestyles (TM) Valentine's Day Treat!!!

Even though Valentine's Day is over, we are still enjoying our treats!!!!   How?  Our Baker's Dark Chocolate, Banana slices, Marshmallows, Apples, and Gram Crackers!!!

From the heart!!!!

Diary of our College Lifestyles (TM) Director at MGCA!

The following is the account of College Lifestyles Director, Shelly Marie, at MGCA, which was held this past weekend in St Louis.


‘Being a dietitian, I was sure to pack my travel bag with healthy treats, including Clif, Zoe, and Luna bars, as well as my homemade trail mix.

Shelly’s Homemade Trail Mix:

Evenly Divide the Following in a Ziploc bag:
  • Cheerios
  • Dark Chocolate Chips
  • Pretzels 
  • Craisins
  • Bear Naked Granola (chocolate is my favorite flavor!)

After attending the professionals meeting, I took a ‘sneak peak’ of my presentation rooms! I was amazed! They were huge! I couldn’t help but think, ‘Will I fill these?’ I was to find out soon.....

After a delicious din-din with a fellow colleague, I retired for the evening. The conference was in full swing!

Saturday - presentation day!!!!

After sending best wishes to colleagues, (pic with Hajii Otto), it was show time!

‘Real World Etiquette’ - my first session. I was so excited and carefully laid out my utensils (fork, knife, goblets). At 10:15, Greeks and advisors began walking in! I was thrilled! The presentation was a fantastic. Several questions were asked by participants including:

Is the dessert fork always placed on the table?

Answer: Not necessary. The fork may be provided on the dessert dish.

What if oil is on the tab
le instead of butter - what should I do?

Answer: Think the same as you would for butter. Still break the bread into small pieces before dipping in oil. The oil can be placed in your bread/butter plate.

‘Where Have all the Ladies Gone’ - my 2nd session. My favorite session! I always try to look back in history to find very poised ladies and encourage to think with more of a ‘Ritz-Carlton’ attitude!
Highlights include: One of my favorite quotes ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say then, don’t say it at all!’

On a more serious approach - questions revolved around:

Do we place our napkin on the chair when we are done eating?

Answer: First, look for a hook on the back of the chair. If a hook is present, then the napkin can be placed on the hook. If not, the napkin can be placed on the table to the left of the forks!

When the last participant left the room, I looked around and was excited, happy, and sad. Sad, because the event was over - I had such an amazing experience - happy because looking out in the audience and seeing individuals smile back at me was fantastic!!!

Travel home. The good ‘lo airport. So many people/business persons/speakers/presenters complain of flying and the hassle. I can’t complain - I love the travel, and I love the airport. I have met some of the most interesting individuals in the airport while delayed waiting for a flight, as well as sitting next to me while delayed waiting for a maintenance check. I have also learned what NOT to do in situations, including yelling at flight attendants and ‘cutting’ line to board the plane. Shame, shame.

This flight was different in a positive way, I traveled back with a colleague (see pic)!

I arrived home, unpacked, and am ready for NGLA!!!!!

Catch the next installment of our directors diary of NGLA next week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

College Lifestyles (TM) Director to Present at NGLA!

Shelly Marie, the Director of College LIfestyles (TM) will be attending NGLA this up coming weekend. Look for Shelly as she presents the following programs:

1) Real World Etiquette - From Co-Ed to Business Savvy
2) Where Have all the Ladies Gone? How to be a Classy Sorority Lady in the 21st Century.
3) No Numbers (TM) - Greeks Unite Against Eating Disorders.

Safe travels to all who attend!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

College Lifestyles Director to Present 2 sessions at MGCA!

College Lifestyles (TM) Director, Shelly Marie, will be presenting 2 educational sessions at MGCA (Mid American Greek Council Association).

Shelly will be presenting her 2 sessions on the Saturday of the conference:
(1) Real World Etiquette
(2) Where Have all the Ladies Gone? How to Be a Classy Sorority Lady in the 21st Century!

Join her to see if you score an A+ in Social Graces! (Do you know where to place your sweet-n-low packet when you are finished using it?)

Sweater Dress from French Connection!

Stay warm in the remaining days of winter with this great sweater dress from French Connection ($49.99). Stay cozy with tights, boots, and layered over a long-sleeve shirt on a chilly day; and wear alone with flats or riding boots on a warmer winter day! Add hoops and bangles to complete the look!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Menu Etiquette?????

Another tip...

Sorbet (N) - frozen, icy dish; similar to sherbet; however; it does not contain milk. Sorbet is used as a palate cleanser between courses.

Pronounced - sor bay (the t is silent)

Yes, You Can Help in the Prevention of Eating Disorders....

'Your going to eat that?' 'Isn't that fattening?' 'I heard that food was bad for you.'

Quotes that we at College Lifestyles (TM) hear over and over again.

States our director, Shelly Marie, 'We are all guilty of looking at someone's plate; but be mindful of what individuals are eating. It absolutely drives me insane when I am eating dark chocolate or peanut butter or drinking milk and someone states 'Oh, that's fattening' or worse, 'that's bad for you.' This can cause an intense amount of confusion, as well as start the 'dirty food rumor mill.'

What's better? States our director:

'Intuitive Eating is a way to understand the body's hunger signals. We really want to listen to our body on when to feed it and how much to feed it.'

To put it frankly, 'Commit to never commenting on what someone is eating.'

(Taken from No Numbers (TM) - Greeks Fight Against Eating Disorders, which will be featured as an educational session program at NGLA).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Etiquette???

Nothing is worse than mispronouncing a menu item, especially if at a business function!

Tapas (n)

When tapas is said fast, others may understand you to say 'topless.' Be very careful.

Tapas dining (our directors favorite!) means small snacks, typically served as appetizers. (Originates in Spain)

Pronounced: tah pas

Dumped Via Facebook? Facebook Etiquette!!!

College Lifestyles (TM) ran across this brilliant article on titled 'Dumped By Facebook? 10 Etiquette Rules.'

We particularly enjoy the following rules:

#10 - Relationship status us a mutual decision. Translation - One date does not mean a relationship.
#6 - Posting a comment on a bad relationship is a bad idea.
#5 - There is such think as TMI (too much information). Dirty laundry?
#3 - Wall and message are 2 different things. Avoid 'I missssssssssssss yyyyyooooouuuu! Please take me baaaaaaccccckkkk.'

Read the article in it's entirety by clicking here.......

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I-Pod Etiquette???

Many of us are preparing to attend Spring Conferences (Including MGCA, NGLA, SEPC, and WRGA!); and our I-Pod is coming along for the ride!

Here are some simple I-Pod Etiquette Tips:

1. Volume matters - we don't want the person next to you to hear your music (even though we know it's the best on the planet!)
2. Headset? Remove your headphones when talking to others, even if the music is not playing!

Happy Travels!

College Lifestyles (TM) Disses!

A new column that College Lifestyles (TM) would like to introduce - College Lifestyles (TM) disses! Once a week, we will diss on something pertaining to etiquette, lifestyle, and nutrition!

College Lifestyles (TM) Disses - PDA at a Formal Restaurant!

Imagine this - your out to fantastic B-Day din-din with your favorite friends (or sorority sisters) and you look over because you are distracted by the noise of 'smack, smack, slurp.' In other words - serious PDA! And it's always the guys with the big gold watches, gold chains, and shirts half unbuttoned to expose chest hair. Icks! While sparks may fly during a lovely evening at a restaurant; please keep it down! No one wants to hear smooching! (Can we Rock of Love Charm School and yes, it was our director who heard the smoochies on her B-Day - even the waitress was blushing about it!)

If you or someone you know is in violation, please send your apology letters to College Lifestyles (TM).

(Taken from the presentation Where Have all the Ladies Gone).

We Found It! A Great Dress from Francesca's Collections!!!

We love chic boutiques here at College Lifestyles (TM)!!!! Franchesca's Collections is one of our favorites!

We found this great, figure flattering dress ($34.00)!!!

The wide waist band creates an illusion of an hour glass figure, with the tie back preventing 'too snug' of a look! The v-neck is flattering for all shapes!

How to wear:

1. Casual - wear to class with flats, tights, and hoop earrings.
2. Badge Attire - wear to chapter meetings with tights, pumps, and studs. Top with a peacoat on a colder day.
3. Boho - wear with tights and flat riding boots. Top with several long layers of necklaces.
4. Boho #2 - wear over jeans and flats. Top with a scarf.