Friday, October 31, 2008

Great Fall Flats! (Great for walking to class!)

We love the highest heels!!! But walking to class and for our internships, flats are the way to go!

These flats from Old Navy are fit the bill! For only $9.99, these flats will look great with jeans, skirts (with tights), and trousers! And, we save our feet!

TurtleNeck Sweater Dress from Old Navy! (A Great New Look due to Todd Oldham!)

SInce Todd Oldham has taken over as creative director of Old Navy, we are loving the new clothing lines from Old Navy! (We had previously shrugged off Old Navy!).

This turtleneck sweater dress ($34.50) is a great look for Fall!

Different ways to wear this dress:
1. Going out - Wear with tights and boots (as shown).
2. Casual to class - Wear over jeans, suede boots, gold hoops or drop earrings.
3. Boho - Wear with tights, flats, and a chunky necklace.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Beauty Trend - Dark Plum Nail Polish

We love the Fall beauty trend of dark, plum nails! We can't help but love the OPI France Collection. (pictured is Eiffel for this Color). Look for plum, wine, or dark chocolate shades for this Fall!

Tips on wearing dark nail polish right (from InStyle Magazine):
1. Go for a shorter nail. (Long nails are very 80s)
2. Go for a rounded/almond shaped nail.

Double dipping and olive oil etiquette???

Yummy - bread dipped in olive oil! Most of us know that we should break the bread into small pieces before buttering, but what about olive oil??

Many 'modern' restaurants will now offer olive oil as a dipping base instead of butter. What is the proper way to dip?

Pour or spoon olive oil in own butter plate or communal bowl. Break bread into bite size pieces before dipping.


Are you a Student Athlete??

If you are a student athlete, you probably have tons of questions on what to eat, when to eat, and how to balance my eating with class and practice!

Returning home from the American Dietetic Association Conference in Chicago, IL, our director was thrilled to find this product specifically for the 'student athlete!'

'Fuel Like a Champion' is a DVD created by sports nutritionist, Mitzi Dulan and Dr Christopher Mohr. This DVD covers tips for improving speed, stamina, and performance - a must for the student athlete!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Button Up that Flatters the Figure! (From the Limited!)

At College Lifestyles (TM), we love the button-up! We want to make sure that we get the best fit to flatter our figure!

This button up from The Limited ($19.99) offers a figure flatter fit! Cut in (darting) around the waist will give the illusion of a smaller waist (a la hour glass shape!)

Quick tips on fit:
1. Make sure the seam at the shoulder hits the shoulder (if it hits below, it is too big).
2. Make sure that the no gaps are present between the buttons (if so, go one size larger).
3. When wearing earrings with a button up, avoid chandelier styles. Go for either studs, small hoops, or simple drop style earrings. Make sure a drip style does not hit the collar.
4. The better jewelry choice with a button up is a necklace. If a V-Neck, you can wear a simple necklace against the skin, or go for a larger style necklace worn on the outside of the shirt.

We Kiss and Tell! (What snacks are in our director's travel bag!)

Our director is off on travel in Chicago, IL at the American Dietetic Association conference, and what is her snack of choice in her travel bag - Clif Kids Bars!

Why? As she says 'They are yummy! Honestly, I can't stand bars, but I can handle 2 - Fiber One Bars and the Clif Kids Bars.'

Carry in not only your travel bag, but in your backpack to class!

Made with no hydrogenated oils, these bars not only taste great, but they are great for us (also, you don't have to be a kid to enjoy these!)

We found it - Sale at Banana Republic!

Hurry - now through 10/26, all dresses online and in store at Banana Republic - 40% off!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We found it - New York and Company Cozy Cardigan - 6 Ways to Wear! (It's on Sale!)

Fall is in the air! Time for our cozy sweaters and cardigans!

This cardigan, from New York and Company, is cozy and on sale! ($31.77) Comes in the colors black, gray, lime green, and purple.

Very flattering for all body types it can go from casual to dressy!

6 Ways to wear:

1. Casual (As shown in the picture) - jeans, tank, long necklace, boots.
2. Business - wear over a button up shirt, trousers, pumps, long necklace.
3. Boho - wear over your tunic dress from the summer, gold hoops, opaque tights, boots.
4. Bombshell - pencil skirt, button up tucked in, cardigan open, stud earrings, pointy toe heels.
5. Traveler - wear over denim mini, black or white ribbed turtle neck sweater, opaque tights, rider boots, beret style hat, hair in low ponytail, boots.
6. Romantic - wear over floral print dress or shirt tucked in skirt, opaque tights, pumps.

A Blog that We Love (Hint - It belongs to one of our Correspondents!)

We love, love, love hearing stories from savvy co-eds!

Lee Tilghman, a student at Saint Joseph's University, is one of our favorite savvy co-eds! (So we are a little biased - she is one of our correspondents for College Lifestyles!)

'Lee-Lee' is a jokester, a beauty, loves making people laugh (her blog will have you laughing out loud), loves peanut butter, lives in the dorm, is a huge Phillies fan, a college freshman, and did we mention is recovering from an eating disorder. Lee started a blog 'For the Love of Peanut Butter' where she tells her story of recovery and current progress.

As Lee says in her blog, 'I believe this blog is going to be about me, A-Z. This includes alot about food, my days, my recovery, my preferences, my new obsessions (I get them alot!), and my ups-and-downs.'

'For the Love of Peanut Butter' is not only about her recovery, also includes some yummy, yummy dorm friendly recipes, and lots of 'Lee-Lee Humor!'

Click here to learn about Lee!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can I Eat Sushi with My Fingers? Sushi Etiquette!

It is acceptable to eat sushi with your fingers, with chopsticks, or with a fork! (Let's go with chopsticks!)

Eat sushi whole, it is not meant to be eaten in two bites! Use your small saucer for the soy sauce!


Fat Talk Free Week Sponsored by Delta Delta Delta! A Body Image Program.

We love this program sponsored by Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Seventeen Magazine, AED, NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association), and the Center for Living and Learning sponsored the Fat Talk Week last week! Even though the event is over, we still encourage you to check out the link and watch the quick movie!

Use this video to show in your sorority philanthropy projects:

A special thanks to Lee Tilghman, Saint Joseph's University student and a corespondent for College Lifestyles (TM) , for this link!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Great Accessory from Express for a Strapless LBD!

If you LBD (little black dress) is more of a formal wear/strapless dress; these tear drop earring from Express ($29) will look great! Top off with a simple, sleek, low ponytail.

Great Accessory from The Limited for the LBD (or any other Fall look!)

This flower cocktail ring from the Limited ($20.50) goes great with our LBD (little black dress), but also completes any other going out top and dark denim jeans!

What else is great about this find - right now at the Limited, buy one piece of jewelry, get another 50% off!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Business Attire LBD (little black dress) from Forever 21! (5 Ways to Wear!)

The LDB does not have to be for just going out!

We found this business attire/work attire LBD from Forever 21 for $22.80!

Very flattering since the waist is defined, will look great on all body types!

5 Ways to wear:
1. Black pumps and pearls.
2. Layer over a white button-up shirt, black tights, black heels.
3. Layer over a silk tie front shirt (as seen in earlier post), gray tights, gray heels.
4. Wear under a fitted cardigan, skinny belt, scarf black tights, black pumps.
5. Make it a suit - Wear under a fitted blazer, tights, Mary Jane style heels.

A Gift from Coach that Gives Back to Breast Cancer Research!!!

This lovely keychain from Coach ($58) makes a perfect gift for any friend, sister, or family member. 20% of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research!

Pink is the New Green! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! With so many of us looking at ways to go green, we found this Envirosax that is not only green, but if purchased, 10% of profits go to Komen Research! Use this bag when shopping instead of plastic!

$9 by Tobi!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Soup Time! A Great Buy for the Co-Ed (and did we say that its great for the skin?)

Fall is great for soup! Keeps us warm on those chilly days!

These travel Campbell's soups are wonderful for the busy co-ed! Throw one in the microwave for 90 seconds and drink while running to class or to a meeting! We love the flavor of the lower sodium Tomato soup!

As a bonus, the lycopene in the soup (tomatoes) helps with keeping our skin clear!

Let's compare - soup (99 cents), fast food meal ($3.10). I think we have a winner!

We Found It! A Great Buy - Vest from New York and Company!

This vest from New York and Company (sale for $14.97) can transition from casual to business attire to going out)!

Ways to wear:
1. Casual - wear over a tunic style dress, tights (if chilly), flats or round toe pumps.
2. Business - wear over a button up shirt (will look great with a tie-front blouse shown in earlier post), trousers.
3. Going out - wear as shown in the picture with dark denim and a tank!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Great Necklace from Forever 21!

This perfume flask necklace will look great with the LBD posted below! We love the fact that this necklace can go from casual with a V-Neck shirt, to business with any cardigan/cami or blazer/button up shirt combination, and dressy with any LDB dress!

The longer length of the necklace will give us the illusion of a taller frame!

From Forever 21 for $4.80.

Another Little Black Dress (LBD) from Forever 21! (2 ways to wear!)

We love the Little Black Dress! Another LBD from Forever 21 for $24.80!

Going out? This will look great out with pumps, a clutch and pearls!

Business Attire? Pair with a fitted cardigan, black round toe pumps, and a long charm necklace!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

From Business Attire to Night Out - A Great Find at White House Black Market!

This lovely Silk Bow Top Tie from White House Black Market ($79.00) can double up as business attire and for a night out!

1. Wear under a black, white or gray blazer and trousers, simple silver jewelry, pumps for business attire or class presentations.
2. Wear alone with dark denim OR black tuxedo style pants, pointy-toe pumps (we prefer metallic) and hoops for a night out!

Muffins Anyone??? Great for breakfast and snack!

We admit it! We love muffins here at College Lifestyles (TM). Nothing smells better than muffins baking in the oven. We tried all types, and we found one that not only taste great, but is great for us!

Fiber One Apple Cinnamon! (Yes, fiber one). Our director went on a whim since we all love there bars.

'I was prepared to cook and throw away, but they taste fabulous!' ~Shelly (Our director).

You just need 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of oil, and water! 15 minutes later - yummy! (Just an FYI - Shelly added dark chocolate chips and raisins to the mix)!

Pack up any remaining muffins in ziploc bags and eat for breakfast on the way to class! (Just warm up in the microwave for 15 seconds)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Body Image Quote from Sophia Loren.

A fashion icon herself (our Director loves Sophia Loren) has an amazing quote that we follow:

'Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.'

Fall Tights - Great Buy at the Gap!

These cable knit tights from the Gap are perfect for a chilly fall day!

These will look great with our pleated skirts (a la Gossip Girl) and pencil skirts (with T-Strap heels)

Not only great for our wardrobe, but for our pocketbook, 2 for $10.00 (available in 12 different styles!).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Business Attire! The Silk Tie-Blouse from Banana Republic!

Simple, yet classy.

This silk tie-front blouse from Banana Republic for $49.99 not only follows the fall trend of a rich color, but also is a must from chapter meetings, the class presentations, to internship meetings!

Make it your own:

(1) Casual business - gray trousers, silver hoops, silver cuff.
(2) Chic business - gray pencil skirt, black tights, pumps (silver if you dare), silver drop earrings, silver bangles, hair pulled back.
(3) 'It's cold outside' glamour - Pair with a gray blazer.
(4) Going out - dark jeans, tucked in, gold accessories and burgendy clutch. (Try cobalt heels!)

Find your Perfect Nude Lip Color!

Nude colors look great with a dramatic eye! Here are your tips, courtesy of InStyle, on picking the nudes for your skin tone:

Fair: Flesh-tones and beige with pink undertones.
Medium: Peachy and rose-golds
Dark: Toast-golds and pink mochas.

(Shown - Ginger Rose by Revlon - great for fairs)

Sent a Text Message to Someone You Should Not Have?

It happens to the best of us!

Just send a quick and simple apology! That's all. Don't keep bringing up the fact you made a mistake. Move on! (Everyone has done it!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Great Idea for Big/Lil Sis!

The relationship between big sis and lil sis is one that is beautiful, amazing, and life-long! As the Facebook bumper sticker says ‘Thanks for being my unbiological sister!’

Some of us have gone through the process of recruitment and ‘met’ their big sis! Big sis’s now have lil’s. What an amazing moment of reveal!

We found this journal ‘Between Me and You: Sister, A Few Things I Have Been Meaning to Ask You.’ on Amazon for $14.95.

The idea of the journal is for each of you to fill it out (privately) and reveal the answers to one another (Be sure to have lots of Kleenex!)

We also encourage you to be creative and make your own journal! Include questions such as:

Favorite list (What is your favorite......)
What makes your smile?
What about me (your sister) makes your smile.
What were your favorite activities as a kid?
What do you love about.....
What do you dislike about......

It’s pretty simple to come up with your own Big/Lil journal!

Mary Jane's from Gianni Bini - The Look of Gossip Girl!

These 'grown-up' Mary Jane's will go great with with skirts and dresses for the fall!

Ways to Wear:
(1) For the Gossip Girl look, wear with a pleated skirt (as shown in previous post) and black tights.
(2) For a funky look, pair with burgundy or grey tights, pleated skirt.
(3) Going out? Wear with a pencil or A-line skirt and fishnets!

From Gianni Bini for $89.00.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Great tip for Sorority New Member Educators!

We are not only hearing, but seeing the great news on Facebook status reports - 'We love our new members!'

Sorority New Member Educators have a wonderful job - preparing new members for initiation!

To assist with teachings, we found this website, Ed Helper! Ed Helper offers great link where you can prepare and print your own crossword puzzles! Add a little 'fun' to your lesson, even turn it into a race!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's getting chilly! Sylish Hoodies for Fall from Gap with 4 Ways to wear!

The crisp air of fall is here!

Do you have to put away your tanks and camis? Not necessarily! Instead of putting on a sweatshirt that is 4 sizes to big for you; stay warm and stylish with hoodies (such as the one shown here from the Gap).

Tips on selecting the right hoodie for you:

(1) Make sure shoulder seams hit the shoulder. Any seam that falls below the shoulder means the hoodie is too big.
(2) Sleeves should hit where the thumb meets the wrist.

Tips on wearing:

(1) Layer with a thin cami or tank. Anything too bulky will cause a fitted hoodie to ride up.
(2) Sporty: Wear with a white cami/tank, yoga pants, tennis shoes, hoop earrings.
(3) Casual: Wear with pink or light green cami/tank, commuter shoes, studs.
(4) Nautical: Wear with a striped cami, jean shirt, sandals.
(5) Jet set: Wear with a nude cami/tank, white pants, scarf, and Jackie-O sunglasses.

Drop Earrings from Express!

We love these drop earrings from Express for $16.99.

These drop earrings flatter all face shapes and will compliment the rich colors of the fall!

A quick tip ~ Make sure the bottom of the earring does not touch the collar of your shirt!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Teddy Grahams - A Great Snack for the Dorm or Apartment!

Teddy Grahams are a great good-for-you snack to have in your dorm or apartment. While studying, pour some in a coffee cup and munch away!

Want a brain boost? Drink coffee (with milk) or a non-fat latte with your Teddy Grahams! Coffee has been found to increase short term memory performance! Have some joe while studying!

Our director loves Teddy Grahams with milk!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

1 Fall Dress from Forever 21, 4 ways to wear

We love wrap style dresses at College Lifestyles (TM). In fact, it's one of our essential 10 in our Developing an Great Image Workshop! This dress from Forever 21 for $24.90 is quite not only great for fall (a rich color!), but flatters the figure by creating an hourglass shape! Carrying the styles of a wrap dress, this dress will look great on all!!!

How to wear?
1. Business look - Wear with our Fall boots (as seen below), opaque tights, deep navy or deep red jewelry.
2. Going out - Wear with metallic t-strap heels, animal print clutch, and sliver jewelry.
3. Going out look 2 - Wear with animal print heels (zebra) and deep navy jewelry or animal print heels (leopard) and deep red/Burgundy jewelry.
4. Casual business - flesh tone pumps and simple gold bangle and gold hoops.

Tip: When picking necklaces, go for a Y-Shape necklace.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Heel Boots from Nine West! (Goes great with our Sweater Dress!)

Looking for great boots for the Fall! These stiletto boots are available from Nine West for $119.00. These boots will go great with skirts, pants, and our sweater dress that we showed below!

A Brain Boosting Breakfast from McDonald's?

What's the best for McDonald's Breakfast? 2 items:

1. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (the blueberries make this a brain food!)
2. Egg McMuffin.