Sunday, May 31, 2009

WE MOVED!!!!!!!

Leaving is always so hard, but we are so excited to announce that we have moved!!!

Check us out at!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Party Etiquette? Send a Fabulous Note Card from Dragonfly Dreams!!! (Also, great note cards for sororities!)

It's that time of the year! Graduation and wedding shower time!

Whether you are the guest of honor or an attendee, it is always important to send a note card thanking the guest or the host!

Looking for a more personalized note card?? These great cards from Dragonfly Dreams will do the trick! Pick your theme, graphics, font! What fun! And what is great - Dragonfly Dreams is offering a buy 1 Note Card, get one free till 5/31/09!

Do we have note cards!? Of course! What is our theme - zebra with pink!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Favorite Summer Dress (Great for an Engagement Party or Outside Wedding!)

This lovely red one-shoulder dress from Francesca's Collections ($34.00) is great for an outside afternoon wedding OR an outside engagement party!

Why? The jersey material will allow us to breathe, instead of sweat like crazy (outside events are great, but the heat, not so much!)

This dress fits our criteria of a great piece:

1. Affordable!

2. Figure flattering - the wide waistband is flattering for all shapes by creating a defined waist or hour-glass shape, and the one-shoulder is extremely flattering (we don't hear individuals saying 'I hate my shoulders.')

3. Green. How? We can mix and match this dress into our wardrobe!

How to go green with this dress (in other words, wear it again)?

1. Outside wedding - wear with hair pulled back, simple hoops, clutch (plum) and metallic strappy heels or sandals (depending if on sand or ground surface).
2. Going out - wear with hair pulled back, hoops, leopard clutch or shoes.
3. Going out #2 - add a skinny belt, drop earrings, metallic heels.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who Doesn't Love a Great Movie!? Our top 5 movies!

It's almost summer! The sun, the fun, and sometimes 'What am I going to do tonight?' Tired of flipping through the channels (let's be honest, some of us will be away from our sorority sisters and best friends) with nothing to watch? Give yourself a facial, mani, and pedi while watching our top 5 movies!

Rent (or download to itunes) our favorites:

1. Grease. Who doesn't love Sandy and Danny? Singing, dancing, and Pink Ladies! What more could we ask for?

2. Say Anything. 80s, 80s, 80s. Who could forget the famous scene where Lloyd holds up the boom box and In Your Eyes in playing.

3. Shag. If you love Grease, you will love Shag. Follow the travels of 4 southern ladies as they take a detour from Fort Sumpter to Myrtle Beach.

4. Casablanca. (For the romantics - and it is our directors FAVORITE movie. She quotes it constantly!) Follow the love story of Isla and Rick. According to our director, the most romantic line in the world is said when Rick tells Isla, 'We'll always have Paris.'

5. Sixteen Candles. Another 80s classic! We all have felt how Samantha has felt at one time in our lives!

Honorable mention:

6. Sex in the City
7. The Breakfast Club
8. Steel Magnolias
9. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
10. My Best Friends Wedding
11. Pretty Woman
12. Legally Blonde

What a Way to Start the Morning!!!

Call us a bit sassy, but flattery makes one feel 'oh so good!'

Start off in the morning with this sassy cup! A fun graduation present for all!

Coffee cup checklist:
Holds coffee - yes
Keeps coffee warm - yes
Sassy - yes :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chopstick Etiquette????

Having dinner with friends, family, and even co-workers? Gone are the time of the boring sit-down restaurants (translation - chicken and green beans - blah!), and enter into the world of sushi fusion! Who would have thought?!

Now, we love etiquette, and we love sushi! Let's combine the 2! Sushi etiquette? Chopstick etiquette? We have all heard 'Fork to the left of the plate, knife to the right of the plate,' but what about chopsticks?

Holding chopsticks:

1. Rest the lower chopstick on your ring finger, supporting it in the V of the thumb and forefinger.
2. Hold the upper chopstick like a pencil, between the middle and index finger and anchored with the thumb.
3. Make sure chopsticks are even.
4. When you are picking up food, the lower chopstick remains still as the upper chopstick pivots, with your thumb as the axis.

Need a little practice? Our director, Shelly Marie, gives this tip during her etiquette talks to sororities...

'Order 1-2 fruit trays with melons, cantaloupe, pineapple, and strawberries. Gather your sisters and practice with the fruit!'

Chopstick Etiquette:

1. Once your chopsticks have touched a piece of food, take it (no double dipping with your chopsticks).
2. Bite in half any dumplings; hold the piece firmly in your chopsticks as you bite.
3. Do raise your rice bowl to a point under your chin when eating rice (unless in Korea - typically where all dishes are on the table).
4. Do rest your used chopsticks on your plate or chopstick rest, not on the table.
5. Don't pour sauce over food, use your chopsticks to dip a piece of food in the sauce and bring to your mouth.

**Taken from Real World Etiquette and How to be a Classy Sorority Lady in the 21st Century.

P.B. Loco New Flavor! (We Can't Wait to Try It!)

If you keep up with our blog, you know by now that we love peanut butter. In particular, P. B. Loco Brand. (We buy ours at Target!)

We were so excited when we received an email stating the 'A-Ha' Moment of P.B. Loco!



So excited!!!

Currently you can go the website to order the Carmel Apple Peanut Butter flavor (we will!)! We will let you all know when it comes to Target!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your Perfect Fit for an LBD! Plus - A Summer LBD (Little Black Dress) from Fashion Junkee!

Looking for the perfect LBD to flatter your shape???

Here is your fit guide:

1. Are you more of a rectangle (longer torso)?

Look for a dress with a defined waist - add a skinny style belt to any dress to create a waist.

2. Are you more of an hourglass?

Look for an A-Line style that fits at the waist and flows over the hips. A slightly fitted top with a V-Neck is very flattering.

3. Are you more top heavy/wider shoulders?

Look for a dressed that is 'draped' on top or offers a 'flow-y' shoulder. Go for a more fitted bottom.

4. Are you more bottom heavy?

Look for a fitted top and straight skirt that falls straight (not tapered) to the knee!

We love a LBD (little black dress!) - but sometimes the summer heat can 'shy' us away from the LBD! We found this great jersey style LBD from Fashion Junkee for $36.00. This dress flatters all shapes - fitted at the top, flows through the hips, wider shoulder straps for anyone who is top heavy.

How to wear this dress?

1. Night on the town - look for metallic strapy stilettos, tons of bangle bracelets, and a animal print clutch.
2. Cocktail party - colorful pumps, drop earrings, and hair pulled back.
3. Daytime - top with a cropped jean jacket, wide wooden bracelet, strapy sandals, hoops, hair in low ponytail.

Monday, May 11, 2009

College Lifestyles (TM) Director Has Successful Book Signing at Enchanted Gardens!

Our Executive Director, Shelly Marie, was invited to the delightful Shreveport gift shop, Enchanted Gardens, for a 'Mother's Day/Graduation' book signing! Joining Shelly was Leslie from Lindsay Phillips great product, Switch Flops!

The book signing was extra special for our director, for every book sold, 10% will be donated to the National Eating Disorder Association! (It's so easy to donate, just visit the website and go to the get involved link.)

Shelly states,

'The event was a blast. Not only was I able to sell my book as graduating presents, but to give back to the National Eating Disorders Association! That's wonderful!' Did I also mention that I purchased a pair of Switch Flops! Love them!'

And what color did our director pick as her Switch Flop?

*Eat Well and Be Fabulous: A Guide for the Modern Day Woman makes great graduation presents. Visit to purchase!*

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Trip To Our Favorite Place! Target!!! (Road Trip Food!)

Summer = Road Trip! And where else to go food finds but Target!!!! Here is what will be in our car!

Dark Chocolate Raisins! (Antioxidants and Tasty!)

Yoplait Light!! It goes in our cooler and cherry cobbler - so YUMMY!)

Funky Monkey!!!

These great freeze dried bananas are delicious and healthy!

All these great finds at your local Target!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Great Food Finds at Target!

It's no secret!  We love Target!  

Here are some great Archer Farm Food Brands we love!


(Our favorite - Roasted Vegetable!)

Baked Chips!

(It's what we dip our salsa in!)

Honey Cinnamon Almonds!

Now you know exactly what to put on your shopping list!!!!