Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brain Food and Happy Food? Look No Futher than Nemo! (Okay, fish!)

Most of us have heard sources of omega-3 (Nemo, well, fish) assist as a brain food; but did you know that Nemo and other omega-3 foods can improve your mood? Eating omega-3 sources make us happy!

Here's the question though: How can one get fish in the diet while being in school? It's not everyday that the cafeteria serves salmon or that we can afford to buy salmon and cook on our grill at our apartment (who has a grill!)? In addition, it's not really convenient for us to grab salmon, trout, and mackerel while walking to class!

What to do? Easy, look to tuna. While tuna has a bit less omega-3 than salmon, it still is a source of omega-3! StarKist has a wonderful product called Tuna Creations (see picture). With 4 different flavors to chose from including hickory smoked, zesty lemon pepper, herb& garlic, and sweet&spicy (my personal favorite!), everyone is bound to be happy! It's great - no preparation needed, just open up the bag and eat! I have found these at many shopping chains including Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, and Target for around $1.15-$1.50. (An added bonus - since it's vacuumed sealed, no smell!)

(Here's the biology behind it - when omega-3 levels are increased in the blood stream, serotonin metabolizes, which improves mood)

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