Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fashion Finds - Scarf under $15.00!

For those of you who know me (and just a little bit more information about me); my favorite accessory is a scarf! I use it in so many different ways - to add color to my wardrobe, to add a touch of flare, to dress up an outfit, and to dress down an outfit! The options are pretty endless!

As I was shopping, I noticed this lovely scarf at the Gap for the great price of $14.99!

Here are some of the uses that I have for this lovely scarf:
(1) The color is amazing - what a great scarf to add to jeans, nice flip flops or sandals, and a neutral tank top (white, off white), ponytail.
(2) A color fanatic that I am, I would were with a turquoise jersey dress, gold hoops and sandals.
(3) Carry into fall with a neutral sweater.

Gotta love sales!

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