Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Favorite Summer Dress (Great for an Engagement Party or Outside Wedding!)

This lovely red one-shoulder dress from Francesca's Collections ($34.00) is great for an outside afternoon wedding OR an outside engagement party!

Why? The jersey material will allow us to breathe, instead of sweat like crazy (outside events are great, but the heat, not so much!)

This dress fits our criteria of a great piece:

1. Affordable!

2. Figure flattering - the wide waistband is flattering for all shapes by creating a defined waist or hour-glass shape, and the one-shoulder is extremely flattering (we don't hear individuals saying 'I hate my shoulders.')

3. Green. How? We can mix and match this dress into our wardrobe!

How to go green with this dress (in other words, wear it again)?

1. Outside wedding - wear with hair pulled back, simple hoops, clutch (plum) and metallic strappy heels or sandals (depending if on sand or ground surface).
2. Going out - wear with hair pulled back, hoops, leopard clutch or shoes.
3. Going out #2 - add a skinny belt, drop earrings, metallic heels.


  1. ok that is too weird! I went to Francesca's earlier today, and I saw that dress & thought wow that is super cute, and then you posted about it!! Wow! Great minds think alike ;)