Monday, November 10, 2008

Creating a Better Body Image....Start a Quote File (A Great Sisterhood Development Program)

In addition to your SunShine File (as posted earlier), we encourage you to start an inspirational/favorite quote file that you can look at daily! Pick quote that you relate to, in addition to quotes that will help you reach your goals (personally and professionally!)!

From our Director's Quote File:

'Good things come in small packages!' (Our director is 5'1')
'A Women Should Be 2 Things - Classy and Fabulous' ~ Coco Chanel

How to turn this into a sisterhood development program?

Encourage each sister to bring their favorite quote (or quote that describes them). Have each explain their quote to the entire group. When completed, place all quotes in a scrapbook file/poster file for all to view!

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