Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Numbers(TM) - What to do when Someone or a Sorority Sister is Talking Negative About Her Body??

It's bound to happen with the New Year - talk of diet and weight loss.

The 'I feel fat' quote comes up quite often in basic conversation. What can you do to be a supportive sister or friend?

First, avoid the blame game. It's quite easy to blame others, family members, media, and even ourselves on what our friend or sister may be saying. 'I heard her boyfriend call her fat,' 'I was talking about how we ate too much at that party, so now I feel bad,' 'Why doesn't she do something?' are common ways of playing the blame game on others and yourself.

Be more supportive and encourage expressing feelings in a healthy way - such as journaling, talking to one another, and artistic persuits. Remember, listening goes a very long way. 'I'm here for you.' 'I support you.' are wonderful statements, instead of 'Are you sure you want to eat that - you told me last week you started a diet, I am just looking out for your best interest.'

Encourage your friend or sister to think of what her body can do (dance, skate, ski, etc)

(Taken from College Lifestyles program No Numbers - Greeks Fight Against Eating Disorders.' )

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