Monday, April 13, 2009

Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape!

For some of us, Spring Break is long gone (aww!)!  But that gives us the encouragement that summer is approaching!!!! 

What is summer with a great pair of sunglasses (can we say people watching 'unnoticed' while catching the some great rays!)

What is the best sunglass frame for your face shape???

Round-shape face (with greatest width at cheekbone) - look for rectangular frames that are straight across the top.

Oval-shape face (forehead slightly wider than chin) - Lucky!  Most frames look great on you, but go for a wider bridge and avoid very small frames.

Square face (strong jaw line) - round, oval or cat-eye shape.  

Heart face (forehead much wider than chin) - look for ovals or rectangular frames with curved bottom rims.

These great round frames ($16.00) are from Shop Suey Boutique!!!

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