Saturday, April 18, 2009

Top 3 Brain Foods for Students (And you can find them in the dining hall, dorm, or apartment!)!

Spring break is long gone, Greek week is over, and now we are faced with the reality of  3 papers, 2 projects, and FINALS!   In the midst of color coding our calender to study and complete projects; we can reach for these 3 foods for a little of a brain boost!

1.  Caffeine.

While we don't encourage you to 'over do it,' caffeine can assist in helping us concentrate by giving us a little boost of energy.  The effects of caffeine are short term, so perhaps having a cup of joe before an exam or before study hall will give you an extra boost of concentration!
OUR FAVORITE:  Peppermint Cocoa.  (Great for the dorm and apartment)

2.  Fish.

Nemo is wonderful!!!  Rich in omega-3; fish is our popular brain food!

OUR FAVORITE:  Starkist vacuum sealed packets.  (Doesn't leave a yucky smell in your room!)

3.  Seeds and nuts!

Instead of chips, reach for a handful of nuts while studying.  Rich in vitamin E, it is associated with cognitive function.  A special treat - add dark chocolate to this!

OUR FAVORITE:  Dark chocolate almond M and Ms.  (okay, okay - don't hate us.  But let's be honest, study hall and a vending machine.  The tuna packets will not be selection B6; but dark chocolate almond M and Ms will be!  

CLOSE RUNNER UP:  Blue diamond almonds!

Find more tips in our directors book 'Eat Well and Be Fabulous:  A Guide for the Modern Day Woman!'

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