Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Newest Snack Obsession - Just Organic Apples (from the Just Tomatoes line!)!!


Here is the scoop on these tasty little snacks!  Our director, Shelly Marie, was waiting for a evening din-din at Jason's Deli with our fitness advisor Brianna.  (Bri was returning from the FABULOUS ACSM conference!)

Our director took a stroll into the local Brookshire's Grocery Store and stumbled upon all these great 'Just Tomatoes' dried fruit and vegetables!  

As she says,

'I couldn't help but notice the cute fruit and veggie labels, and upon examination, I noticed that the ingredients were just that, the fruit or the vegetable!  No added mess!  What is also amazing about these products - as students, you can add them to oatmeal and cereal  But most important, the taste - YUMMY!  I couldn't help myself - I bought a ton!  My personal favorite - Just Organic Apples!'

Just Tomatoes is offered at local grocery stores include Brookshires, HEB, Whole Foods, Super 1, and Central Market!

In addition, Shelly says,

'I love the website!  It has great resources for teachers (calling all education students) for lesson plans and activities!  Even mom's can use the resources!'

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