Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Drives Us Crazy??? No, It Should be the Other Way Around! (Body Image Activity!)

In our days of research at College Lifestyles, we run across the articles 'What Drives Me Crazy?' and 'What I Hate About This!'  In other words, we run into a lot of grumpy folks!  Our worst, 'Here is what I don't like about myself!'

No, no, no!  Look the other way around!

So far, we have read:

  • 'What I Hate About College!'  and we see someone bash a professor (or 2 or 3), dorms, food, etc.  Instead write quickly 'What Do You Love About College!'  Here are some of our few - we love the laughing at 1am with our friends, walking to class, events!

  • 'What I Hate About Spring!'  Are you kidding us?  Spring is that time of year where the air is that cross between crisp and warm, the grass is greener, and those great Easter colors of robin egg blue, sea green, lilac, and yellow are out and about!  

  • 'What I Hate About My Body!'  As hard as it is, write what you love about your body!  What does your body do for you?  Our bodies are these beautiful creations that take us to class, allow us to chat with our friends and loved ones!  What do you love?

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