Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jump Into the Flat Craze of Spring (Our 3 Favorite Flats - no matter what your budget!)!

We love spring!  Light dresses, skirts, shorts, tunic top style dresses, jersey dresses!  (One moment while we close our eyes and inhale!).

We are putting away our boots and bringing out our flats!

Flats can range from casual to dressy!  Wear to class, Saturday shopping trip
s, business meetings, with badge attire, and out!  (Much better than flip-flops!)

Flats look best with:
1.  Casual - denim mini-skirts (Heels with mini-skirts is soooo 80s), letters.
2.  Skinny style jeans.  Top with a tunic style top OR fitted top with a fitted blazer.
3.  Trousers (be sure to pick an embellished flat if wearing for business attire).
4.  Leggings (think more Audrey Hepburn) with a white button up.

Here are a few of our favorites (from all budgets) and our DREAM SPLURGE!

$ - Old Navy - $19.50

$$ - Nine West - $79.00  (Our favorite!)

How should you pick on which to buy?  Are you one who will wear flats daily?  Can't really wear heels?  Then we recommend the Nine West brand - reliable and durable!  Are you one who will wear your flats on occasion and prefer to live in flip flops or heels?  Go for the Old Navy brand.  If your a brand lover, have the extra $$ (birthday coming up), will wear flats to and from class, then go for the Tory Burch!

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